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What is your brand "SublimeWare", how can your devices help the travelers?

SublimeWare™️ is retailer of travel power electronics, we create devices that are all in one, that can be used to charge your home devices to all overseas outlets

All our products has at least 2 USB charging ports that can charge all your battery base devices such as your cell phones, tablets and DSLR cameras.

Our devices are designed with the highest engineering standards and with the traveler's convenience in mind. 

What are the different power prongs on your travel adapters?

Power prongs are the bumps that fit into the holes so that the outlet can grip the plug's prongs more firmly. Each of our SublimeWare™️ power devices has 4 types of power prongs that fits into the 4 types of outlet that covers 150+ countries world wide. See below for additional information

Type C - German, France, Italy, Spain and Most of Continental Europe



Type G - UK, Hong Kong, Ireland


Type A - USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Brazil and Central America


Type I - Australia, China *Similar to Type A, but the prongs can be curve inwards


What is the specs for the USB Ports?

Each USB ports can provide between 2.1 to 2.4A with +5Vdc, which can charge all small battery power electronics such as iPad, iPhone, Android mobile phone, tablet, digital camera, smartphone, MP3, GPS

What is the specs for the USB Type C Ports?

The new USB Type C is the new standard for battery power devices that receives D/C power such as as iPad, iPhone, Android mobile phone, tablet, digital camera, smartphone, MP3, GPS. You see the USB Type C connectivity in the new phones and MacBooks.

We have two new models (JY166C and JY-305Plus) that enables you to use the Type C technology to the fullest. Our Type C ports in our devices can charge at 3A with +5Vdc.

Can your travel adapter take 110v a/c devices (North American Devices) and use it for Europe or other 220v outlets?

The short answer is no

We have two lines of products 1) Travel Adapters and 2) Power Converters. 

For travel adapters it transfer voltage from the outlet to your device directly, hence you cannot use 110v devices on foreign outlets the emits 220v. Since the electric current is more than your 110v your devices can handle in which case your device will be fried since it cannot handle 220v.

On the other hand power converters, especially step down type, can convert or "step down" any 220v power into 110v power in which your North American 110v device can be used.

What are the power specs for your travel adapter?

A/C Power - 100 to 250Vac

D/C Power - 2.1-2.4A for USB Type A Ports/3A for USB Type C Ports/5Vdc

Which Country can I use your travel adapters/travel power converters at?

The travel adapters can be used for over 150+ countries

Can I use my hair dryer/straightener, flat iron with these travel adapter?

 No, please see the above question "Can your travel adapter take 110v a/c devices (North American Devices) and use it for Europe or other 220v outlets?"

What is the Return Policy?

We have 30 days no questions as return policy, all you have to do is return the product to the following address and send us your tracking number

Return address:


Attn:SublimeWare return
Electronic and Mobile Business, Inc.
7050 Santa Teresa Blvd.
SAN JOSE, CA 95139

I have a question, how do I contact you?

You can contact us here