Visiting the USA, don’t forget your travel adapter

Visiting the USA, don’t forget your travel adapter

Where to start when visiting the United States of America? Such a huge country with a diverse range of regional differences. Wherever you are visiting from, it makes sense to bring a good travel adapter so you can recharge all your devices like smartphones, etc. United States Capitol Building

Let’s start at the top and look at Washington D.C. the capital of the USA. Not to be confused with Washington State, which is on the west coast, Washington D.C. is on the east coast. The D.C. stands for District of Columbia which was established as the federal capital of the USA in 1801. The capital has many sights to visit, such as capitol hill, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and of course The White House

Staying in the northeast, let’s move up to New York. Popular with many as a city break for shopping, particularly from the United Kingdom, it’s a bustling, brash and crazy city! Famed for Broadway musicals, bagels, the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and so much more, including that ever popular shopping! The population is just as diverse with Italian Americans, Irish Americans and Polish Americans dominating, but there are over 200 nationalities with a history in the city! You’ll need your camera constantly, just make sure you have a multi USB travel adapter to keep everything charged up!

Statue of Liberty New York

Heading to the very south, we can’t skip Florida. Home of the amusement park, particularly in the Orlando area, where you’ll find Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens. For more intellectual a trip to the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral is bound to hit the spot. Keep heading south and eventually you’ll come to the Florida Keys, a string of tropical islands stretching around 120 miles off the southern tip.

 Leaving Florida behind and heading west around the Gulf of Mexico, we end up in Louisiana and the iconic New Orleans. Known as the “Big Easy”, it’s famed for its vibrant music scene, constant nightlife and a cuisine fused from French, African and American flavors. Bringing all this together is Mardi gras festival with loud street parties and parades in the winter.

New Orleans Mardi Gras

Driving west through Texas, don’t forget to call into Houston with its huge variety of museums, San Antonio to see The Alamo and Austin, the state capital with culture galore. For the cowboys amongst you, the Dallas-Fort Worth is a must visit. Quintessentially Texan, you can see old-fashioned cattle drives and buy yourself some genuine cowboy boots! 

On the west coast, bordering Mexico, you’ll be in California known as the Golden State and home to such famous cities as San Diego, Los Angeles and of course San Francisco. Hugely famous due to the Hollywood influence and the image of toned and bronzed bodies working out on Venice Beach

While in Los Angeles, visitors tend to head for Hollywood Boulevard, the Walk of Fame and the theme parks, but what do the locals do? Maybe a stroll through Griffith Park, wine tasting on Malibu seafront or visiting one of LA’s growing number of microbreweries. San Diego has so much to offer, including the fabulous Gaslamp Quarter. San Francisco needs little introduction, with the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars and Victorian Houses.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

We can’t talk about the USA and not mention Las Vegas, home to everything glitzy and over the top! The casinos are fabulous, even without spending a penny in them! But the shows are even better. With themes such as the circus, Venice, medieval, Egyptian, New York and much more there is plenty to explore. Las Vegas is surrounded by national parks and places to visit, such as Death Valley and the Grand Canyon

Keep heading north from San Francisco and eventually you get to Seattle on the Canadian border. The city is home to the headquarters of giants Microsoft and Amazon and is famous for the futuristic Space Needle tower. 

Sublimeware multi-country travel adapter with USB

This has been a very brisk run around the USA! There is so much to see wherever you go, but do remember to take a travel adapter with USB connections so that you can keep all your smartphones and tablets charged. You want to take lots of photos and keep everyone up to date on your travels, obviously! 

Happy traveling!

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