Visiting Paris? You'll need a travel adapter

Visiting Paris? You'll need a travel adapter

Paris, the city of love, capital of France and one of the most visited cities in the world. France is the most visited country in the world, with nearly 87 million visitors annually and increasing. But make sure you take a travel adapter to charge your smartphone and tablet and capture the beautiful Paris attractions.

Travel adapter for France

Sights like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph and the Champs Elysees are iconic and unmissable, so make sure you charge your smartphone and camera batteries and you're ready to go with a quality travel adapter.

Like any modern city, you can charge your devices for free in many places, so long as you can connect to the supply. So keep your travel adapter handy and pack it in your hand luggage when boarding an aircraft or public transport.

Why do you need a travel adapter in France?

France has adopted two types of electrical plug, type C and type E. Type C plugs are 2 prong, unearthed and suitable for low power devices, whereas type E plugs have 3 prongs and provide an earth connection for appliances that require more than 2.5 amps of current. Type C plugs will fit in type E sockets, but not the other way around.

Travel adapter for type C plugs in France

The type C plug is used right across Europe, the only exceptions being the UK, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta that use type G. It is also used in many other countries across the world and is probably the most common type of plug worldwide.



Type E is specific to a small number of European countries, with others using type F, which although it looks quite similar is not the same and may not provide an earth, depending on the socket.

Travel adapters will work with both type C and type E, but they will not provide an earth connection when plugged into type E sockets. This is something to bear in mind, since most travel adapters are made to work with low power devices that don’t require an earth.

Travel adapter for type E plug in france

When you’re out and about in the city, you may need to give your smartphone a little boost, so it’s a good idea to buy a travel adapter that is light and compact. An adapter that is easy to slip into your pocket or purse is less likely to be left behind or forgotten! Cafes, train and bus stations will all probably have sockets to let you charge with a travel adapter.

Power supply in France

The French power system operates at 230V 50 Hz, in common with all of Europe, that operates in the range 220V-240V. We can use any device designed to operate at a voltage within this range in France by simply plugging it in using a travel adapter.

Travel adapter for France

If your country has a different voltage supply, then you’ll need to check if it is compatible. Some devices, particularly more modern electronics, are either dual or multi voltage. It’s fairly easy to check and our dual voltage guide can help.

Just remember, that if your device is not compatible, then do not connect it to the French power supply without a power converter. If you do, it will almost definitely damage your device, but also it could be very dangerous. If in doubt, ask someone locally what the voltage is.

Charging USB devices with your travel adapter

Many small devices are now charged via a USB connection and the good thing about this is that the supply voltage in the country you are visiting doesn’t matter. The output from a USB connection is always 5V DC, regardless of where in the world you are.

Since you are likely to have several devices that need charging by USB, then it makes sense to take a travel adapter with multiple USB connections. This is even useful in when traveling in your own country, because instead of carrying several chargers, something need just one travel adapter, saving space.

Take a look at the SublimeWare Multi-Country Travel Adapter with 4 USB connections. It’s perfect for traveling, being lightweight and compact.

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