Travel tips for Thailand - part 1

Travel tips for Thailand - part 1

Tu-Tuk in Bangkok Thailand

The Far East has long been a popular tourist destination and Thailand in particular. The mix of cultural sights, fantastic beaches, the tropical island's long history have drawn many and tourism now makes up around 6% of the country's economy. Areas such as Bangkok, Phuket and Ayutthaya have become internationally renown. 

As with any country, there are cultural and common sense things to consider before visiting. Also, check your electronic items to make sure they are compatible with Thailand’s electrical system. 

Things to take with you

Thailand is a hot country with mosquitoes, ticks and flies that can carry disease, so remember to bring insect repellent. Don’t forget your sun cream. Getting seriously burnt in the midday heat will not make for a happy holiday! A travel adapter with USB connectors is very useful. Keeping your phone and camera, so check our travel adapter guide for Thailand.

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Carry cash

Most shops and restaurants only take cash or at least prefer it. Expensive restaurants and hotels will accept cards, but very few others, but there are plenty of ATM’s around in the larger towns. If you plan to visit some of the islands or go a little off the beaten track, don’t expect to be able to use your cards. 

Drink bottled water

The local water is okay to drink and many tourists have no problem with it. Having said that, bottled water is cheap and available, and makes sense if you do sometimes have a problem. 

Watch out for scams

Common with many tourist destinations, Thailand has its potential scams. A very common one is to hire you a motorbike or jet ski, and when you return it they charge for damage. Take photographs before you leave, making sure the person renting it sees you.

Another one is grabbing your hand as you walk along, and either putting birdseed in your hand or putting a bracelet on your wrist. It’s impossible to return the birdseed without spilling it and you can’t get the bracelet off without breaking it, so the person will demand payment. Just keep your eyes open and watch out for people doing this so you can avoid it. 

The wrong change is also one to look out for. Thai Baht notes come in high values. At the time of writing, 1000 Thai Baht is worth about $32 and the scam is to give you change for a 500 THB note when you really gave them a 1000 THB note.

Should you rent a scooter?

Many people rent scooters in Thailand, but considering it is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be on the roads and scooters are very often involved in accidents, it has to be considered carefully. If you do decide to rent, don’t forget the basic safety precautions. Wear a helmet, preferably a full-face one. Wear proper shoes, not flip-flops. If you can, wear clothes that cover your skin, such as jeans and a jacket. It may be hot, but as a motorcyclist myself, I’ve seen the result of gravel rash and it’s not pretty. 

Take care of your health

Similar to protecting yourself on a motorbike, look after your body. It can be very hot and humid, so drink regularly. Make sure you put on the sun cream you brought with you. You didn’t bring any? Then get some! Life goes a little slower here, so relax, take your time and enjoy the holiday. 

This is part one of our blog on top tips for Thailand. Part 2 coming along very soon!

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