Travel tips for Singapore

Travel tips for Singapore

Singapore is an island city-state on the southernmost tip of Malaysia, just 80-miles north of the equator and with a landmass of just 279 sq. mi. With a population of over 5 million, it is the second-most densely populated country in the world, after Monaco. Once a colonial trading post of the British Empire, it gained independence in 1963, briefly joining Malaysia but separated to become a sovereign state in 1965.

Since then, Singapore has established itself as an international financial center and became one of the Asian Tiger economies. Its growth has brought great success to the country, but it’s now the most expensive place to live in the world. For that reason alone, some money-saving tips would be useful!

A trip to Singapore should definitely be on your bucket list, but remember to take your Sublime Ware multi-country travel adapter with you and keep all your devices fully charged.

Five travel tips when visiting Singapore

Buy a Singapore Tourist Pass

The Singapore Tourist Pass is great for saving money when on holiday in the country. Along with special deals on attractions and services, it also contains a wealth of information about the country. But the main advantage is that it gives you unlimited travel on Singapore’s bus services, MRT and LRT trains. This could be a significant saving, as taxies are expensive and getting around in a car can be hard work!

For the occasions where a taxi makes more sense, use the Grab app. Similar to Uber, which is not available in Singapore, you can book a taxi using the app and agree on the price in advance. Very convenient!

Visit the Hawker Centers

Hawker Centers were originally introduced in the 1950s to combat the poor hygiene of street food seller – hawkers. Thanks to Singapore's massive cultural mix, the food found in hawker centers is both varied and can be very cheap. Take a look at the Hawker Chan restaurant chain that has one Michelin star and was the first hawker ever to be awarded. Chicken rice is known as the national dish, it’s cheap and delicious.

Drink during Happy Hour

This is probably second nature to seasoned travelers, but definitely worth knowing in Singapore. Alcohol can be expensive and since you will find bars with happy hours across the city from 5 pm to 9 pm, it’s a good excuse to explore different bars!


As is common with many Asian countries, tipping in Singapore is not the norm and the majority of waiting staff etc are just happy to give you good service. Having said that, if you really had a good time and want to tip, it is likely to be accepted graciously.

Pack light

Singapore is a hot and humid country even in winter, so pack light clothes and sandals, etc. Don’t forget a lightweight raincoat, as sudden heavy downpours are common! Either that or dive into the nearest cafe!

Places to Visit

The country may be small but it packs a lot in. To get a great view of the city, visit the Marina Bay Sands observation deck on the 57th floor. Not a cheap option, but it gives you a fantastic view of the city and lets you get your bearings.

Garden by the Bay Singapore

Gardens by the Bay is one of the most popular destinations in the city and free to enter. They open at 5 am and are a beautiful, cool place to be. Within the gardens are a number of attractions that you need to pay to use, such as the high-level treetop walks or the Flower Domes.

For some culture, pay a visit to the Baba House in Chinatown. This traditional Singaporean home has been restored by the National University of Singapore to how it would have looked in 1928 and is a must-do.

And finally!

Check our travel adapter for Singapore blog for more information on the plug and power supply requirements before you go. Singapore operates at a voltage of 220V, so plugging in your equipment designed for 110V could prove very expensive. Some items are multi-voltage and our blog on dual voltage devices and travel adapters will be helpful to decide if your item is compatible.

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