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Travel Adapter for Vietnam

Travel adapter for Vietnam

For some, Vietnam is a dream location, but what type of electrical adapter will you need? With so many different electrical sockets, plugs and voltages across the world, it is important to do some research and take the right travel adapter.


A travel adapter for Vietnam will have to be suitable for the 3 different types of socket to be of any use.

Which electrical sockets does Vietnam use

The 3 different types of socket in Vietnam are type A, type B and type C according to the International Electrotechnical Commission. Types A and B are in common use across North America, while type C is the most common socket in European countries, except the UK and Italy. 

The problem is, there may be one type in your location or all three! Which makes it very important to take a multi-country travel adapter with you, so you are ready for anything! 

There may also be type F sockets in Vietnam, which are like type C but recessed and need a specific shape of adapter. 

What is the electrical voltage and frequency in Vietnam

The standard voltage in Vietnam is 220V while the frequency is set at 50Hz. If you are from a country that uses a voltage between 220V and 240V, then your equipment will work perfectly. The only concern you may have is if your home country frequency is different, but this will generally only affect equipment with built in clocks. 

If your home country uses a lower voltage, in the range 100V to 127V, then it is very important to check your items. Many electronic devices are now multi-voltage compatible and will quite happily operate with a voltage between 100V and 240V. 

To check this, take a look on the side of your device or in the manual and look for a phrase similar to “Input, 100V – 240V”. If you see that, then your device will not be damaged by the voltage, but you may still have the frequency issue, mentioned above. 

If your item is 100V – 127V only, then do not use it in Vietnam without a power converter. 

What type of travel adapter do you need for Vietnam

Because Vietnam has three different types of socket in use, you will need a multi-country travel adapter. This will allow you to connect to any of the sockets you find in the country. 

Travel adapter with fast charging

Good quality travel adapters will also feature a number of USB connectors, enabling you to charge multiple items at the same time. 

Do you need a power converter for Vietnam

If your electrical item is designed for voltages between 100V and 127V only, then you will need a power converter. Using your items in Vietnam will definitely result in them being damaged. 

Summing up Vietnam travel adapter choice

With 3 different types of electrical socket in use in Vietnam, it is important to make the right choice when buying a travel adapter. 

Any travel adapter for Vietnam must at the very least fit type A and C sockets and preferably be suitable for type F as well. 

The Sublime Ware Multi-Country Travel Adapter is just perfect for the job. It will fit all the sockets you will encounter in Vietnam. It also has 4 USB connectors, making charging multiple devices like your smartphone, camera and tablet very easy.

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