Travel adapter for Turkey

Travel adapter for Turkey

Travel adapter for Turkey

Turkey is a diverse and multi-cultural country that many people want to visit. But before heading off a little planning will help you enjoy those memories for years to come. Remember to pack a travel adapter for Turkey to charge all your devices and capture those fabulous images!

Multi-Country travel adapter for Turkey


Imagine arriving at your hotel, tired from traveling. You go to plug your charger in for your smartphone and find it won’t fit the socket. Now what? A little prior planning helps to avoid this, plus a multi-country travel adapter is not that expensive and will work in many countries. 

Why you need a travel adapter in Turkey

We need to look at the electrical system in Turkey to decide what you need in the way of adapters and converters. 

Turkey is known as the gateway to Asia from Europe as the capital Istanbul straddles the Bosporus Strait that separates Europe from Asia and is a bridge between East and West. 

Turkey’s proximity to Europe led to the country adopting some of the west’s standards and this includes the electrical system. 

Socket and plug system in Turkey

The Europlug has been taken as the standard plug and socket, so any travelers from mainland Europe won’t need a travel adapter in Turkey. The Type C Europlug is for non-earthed electrical items only. Items requiring a ground connection use the Europe wide type F plug.

 Type F plug used in TurkeyType C plug used in Turkey

It is interesting to note the difference between type E and type F plugs/sockets. They use type E in France, Belgium and some other European countries. Depending on its design, it may not fit into a type F socket as used in most European countries and may not provide an earth connection.

This is because type E uses a separate pin for the earth connection whereas type F uses two sprung tabs on the outside of the socket. 

Will you need a power converter in Turkey?

For the electrical supply in Turkey, the country has stuck closely to the Europe standard, and the system operates on 230V at 50Hz. 

If you are from a country that uses voltages between 220V and 240V, then your item will work in Turkey without a power converter. The only exception is if your home countries frequency is 60Hz. Here, your electrical item will work, but any built-in electrical timing circuits may not operate correctly.

Trqavel adapter for Turkey

For anyone from a country that supplies electricity at 110V–127V, then you need to check the item is suitable to use in Turkey. 

Many modern electrical items are now multi-voltage and will operate perfectly on any voltage between 100V and 240V. To find if this applies to you, look on the item or in its manual for a statement such as “Input: 100V-240V”. If you see that, your item will work just fine. 

If you see “Input 100V-127V”, then your item will not work in Turkey without a power converter. Without a power converter, do not plug your item into the Turkish power supply. Not only will the item be damaged, but it could also be extremely dangerous. 

One important distinction to make here is about USB connections. Items that charge via USB work on a 5Vdc supply. By using a travel adapter that provides USB connections, you can charge these items regardless of the supply voltage in the country. 


Anyone that travels to Turkey needs to consider the need for a travel adapter to allow them to charge their devices, such as smartphones and tablets. 

Turkey operates an electrical system at 230V and also uses plugs and sockets that are common across Europe. To be able to charge your items, you will need a travel adapter and possibly a power converter.

Sublimeware travel adapters

USB items will work perfectly well, so long as your travel adapter offers USB connections. 

Take a look at the SublimeWare multi-country travel adapter, which converts many plugs to type C for Turkey and also provides 4 USB connections for all your electronic devices.

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