Travel adapter for the United States of America

Travel adapter for the United States of America

Travel adapter for the United States of America

Who doesn’t dream of visiting the United States of America, with so much to see and do? For some, it is a once in a lifetime trip, and the last thing you need is hassle charging your smartphone when you get there. So the solution is to plan ahead and make sure you know what you need.

Travel adapter for the USA

In the USA, 2 plug and socket types are in use. Type A and type B. Type A is for electrical items that don’t require an earth, while type B provides an earth connector. Both types of plug are commonly used across North and Central America, and Japan. It should be noted that the American and Japanese versions have a slight difference that we will describe later on. 

Voltage in the USA

The electrical supply in the USA is 120V. If your electrical items are designed for 240V, then plugging them in by accident is not likely to damage them. However, the items will most likely not work correctly, plus there is the potential for serious damage if it is left connected. 

Frequency in the USA

In the USA, the electrical supply operates at a frequency of 60Hz. For most devices, this should not adversely affect its operation. The only real problem occurs if the device contains timing circuits that rely on the frequency to operate.

Socket design in the USA

There are 2 types of electrical socket in the USA

Type A is an unearthed, 2 pin connector, designed for low power items. The pins are of a flat design, with a small hole near the tip which fits into a holder in some sockets. This is to make the connection more secure, so they are not essential. Of particular note is that the pins are of different sizes. This is to ensure the plug can be inserted in only one way and is for safety purposes. 

Type A socketType B electrical socket

Type B has 3 pins. Two flat pins as with the type A plus a round earth pin. The earth pin is longer so that the device is grounded before power is connected to it. Again, this is a safety feature of the plug and socket combination. 

What plug adapter for the USA

As the USA has 2 standard socket types, buying an adapter is easy. As long as it contains the 2 flat pin connector, it will connect to the USA system. The Sublime Ware Multi-Country travel adapter offers the USA plug type, along with many others. 

Do I need a power converter the USA

Before plugging any device into the electrical system of a foreign country, it is important to know if it is compatible. In the USA, the voltage is 120V, so plugging your 240V item in probably won’t damage it, but it may not work. Because it is difficult to tell what is happening inside your device, they do not advise to do this. 

Check on your item if it is multi-voltage. Many modern devices can now happily operate on voltages between 110V and 240V. There will be a label on the item or in the manual that says something such as “Input: 110V-240V”. If you see that, then you only need a plug adapter, not a power converter. 

Summing up

Plug adapters for the USA are readily available, and the Sublime Ware Multi-Country adapter is perfect for the job. What makes it extra useful is the 4 USB connectors, which means the whole family can charge their smartphones at the same time.

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