Travel Adapter for Thailand

Travel Adapter for Thailand

Travelling to Thailand? Then you will most likely need a Thailand compatible travel adapter to charge your devices when you arrive.

Travel adapters for Thailand

The type of electrical sockets and plugs used in different countries across the world vary considerably. Before travelling, it is prudent to check the requirements of your destination country. If you intend to travel to a number of countries, on this trip or in the future, then a multi-country adapter will make sense.

Electrical sockets in Thailand

A number of different sockets are in use in Thailand, reflecting the influences of different countries over the years. According to the International Electrotechnical Commission, there are 4 different types. Type, A, B, C and F. However, the World Standards site mentions type O also, so let's look at them individually.

Type A has 2 flat prongs and comes in 2 varieties. The first type has pins of the same size, while the second type has a larger neutral pin, making the plug polarized.

Type B consists of 2 flat pins and a round earth pin. Type A plugs will fit type B sockets, but of course, there is no earth connection. This is relevant where the item is not double-earthed.

Travel adapter in Thailand

Type C has 2 round pins and is common across Europe, and in fact it has the name Europlug.

Type F also has 2 round pins, but the socket has a recess which prevents some more basic adapters from being used with the socket.

Type O is used exclusively in Thailand and has 3 round pins arranged a triangle formation.

Electrical voltage and frequency in Thailand

The electrical supply in Thailand operates at a voltage of 230V at 50Hz. Electrical items designed for this voltage will of course be fine, but if your country operates at between 100V and 127V then you will need to check.

Items exclusively designed for a lower voltage will not work and could be damaged if connected to a 230V system. 

There will be voltage information either on the side of the product or in the owners manual. If it says 220V — 240V, then it will work with no problems. If the label says 100V — 240V then again, it will work correctly. Any item marked for 100V — 127V should not be used without a power converter. 

What travel adapter for Thailand

With the different types of socket available in Thailand, it makes sense to take a multi-country adapter, giving you the best chance of being able to connect. This includes people from the USA that use type A plugs and people from Europe that use type C plugs, as you may not always find suitable sockets available. 

Travel adapters for worldwide use

The SublimeWare Multi-Country travel adapter can connect to types A, B, C, F and O, so you will have no issues trying to connect your devices using this travel adapter.

Remember that a travel adapter does not convert the power supply and you will need a separate power converter if your items are not compatible. 

To sum up

Visiting Thailand is the trip of a lifetime for some people, and they will want to record the special moments on their cameras and phone home. To enable this, a travel adapter is an essential piece of your packing. 

Using a Multi-Country travel adapter means you can always connect, wherever you may be.

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