Travel adapter for Switzerland

Travel adapter for Switzerland

Travel adapter for Switzerland

There is no doubt Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, nestled in the Alps, surrounded by Germany, Italy, Austria and France. It’s popular with tourists but don’t forget your travel adapter to charge your smartphone and camera for all those photographs!

Travel adapter to charge all your devices

When you travel to another country, it’s exciting. So many new things to see and do, so much to plan. But in this modern world where everyone is connected 24/7, our electronic devices also play a large part in our lives. In all the excitement, it’s easy to forget your smartphone or tablet charger. But if you have a good travel adapter, it won’t matter.

Good quality travel adapters will not only allow you to plug in your devices to the mains but will also provide multiple USB connections for all those devices we carry around with us. Charge your batteries and never miss a photo opportunity again!

So what travel adapter do you need in Switzerland? To answer that question properly, we need to look at the electrical system of Switzerland and consider the plug type and the voltage supply.

Plug and socket design in Switzerland

Being part of Europe, Switzerland has adopted the Europlug design, also known as type C, which has 2 round prongs.. They use this plug type throughout Europe and it‘s the standard for non-earthed electrical items. 

Type C plug used in Switzerland

Where Switzerland has deviated is with the plug and socket used for earthed electrical items. Here, they have used a type J plug and socket, which is almost exclusive to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The type J adds a third round prong as an earth connection.

Fortunately, a type C plug will fit a type J socket.

If your electrical items do not have a type C plug fitted, then you will need a travel adapter for Switzerland. This multi-country travel adapter is perfect, as it offers type C connection and also 4 USB connections.

Switzerland electrical voltage and frequency

As part of mainland Europe, it will come as no surprise that Switzerland uses the same 220V 50Hz electrical supply system as the rest of Europe. Yes, there is a slight variation, such as the United Kingdom that uses 240V, but the difference is within the allowable tolerances, so in reality, it makes no difference.

Multi country travel adapterThe main issue is for people from countries using voltages within the 100V-127V range. If this applies to you, then you need to be careful and check whether your item is compatible with the higher voltage in Switzerland.

Do I need a power converter

This very much depends on your electrical items. If you live in a country that uses a 240V supply, then you have no problems.

If you’re from a country using between 100V and 127V, then you need to look at the item and check. There will be 2 distinct types of product, those that work only at the lower voltage and those that work at any voltage.

What you are looking for is a statement on the item or in the manual, saying something like “Input: 100V-240V”. If you find that, your device will work in Switzerland. 

If you only see a label saying “Input: 100V–127V”, then do not use it in Switzerland without a power converter. Doing so will almost certainly damage the equipment and can also be dangerous.


Switzerland uses a type C plug and socket, and you will need an adapter if your country uses anything different. The other consideration is the voltage. Make sure your devices are safe to use on the 240V electrical supply in Switzerland.

Travel adapter for world countries

The Sublime Multi-Country Travel Adapter provides type C connection and also 4 USB connections, making it the perfect travel adapter for Switzerland.

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