Travel Adapter for Spain

Travel Adapter for Spain

Travel Adaptor for Spain

Travel adaptor for Spain

Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, with millions of visitors each year, but how many consider travel adaptors before going? In the modern world of multiple electronic devices, it is now one of our first considerations.

Holidays are a time to relax, enjoy the company of others and record some of those great times on your camera. Without a suitable electrical adaptor to recharge the batteries, you will miss out on recording those great experiences.
Type F socket in Spain
Across most of Europe, they have adopted the Europlug standard and Spain is no exception. You will find 2 types of the socket in Spain, type C, and type F. They differ, only in that type F has 2 earth connections on the side. This can cause an issue, even if your appliances have a type C plug, as it may not fit into a type F socket.

Voltage in Spain

The voltage in Spain is the same as the rest of mainland Europe, at 230V. Any item designed to operate at voltages between 220V and 240V will work just fine in Spain. Devices intended to operate on voltages of 100V to 130V, which is common in many countries across the world, are not compatible so do not use them without a power converter. More on this later in the article!

Frequency in Spain

The electricity supply in Spain operates at a frequency of 50hz, which is standard across Europe. There are variations between 50Hz and 60Hz across the world, but in most cases, it won’t make much difference and most devices will operate at either frequency. Where you may have a problem is when devices use the frequency for timing controls. There‘s no easy way around this, unfortunately, but for most travelers, it won’t be an issue.

Socket design in Spain

You’ll find both type C (Europlug) and type F sockets across Spain. The pin diameter and spacing for both types of the socket are identical, the only difference is that type F also provides 2 earthing connections.
Multi-Country adaptor for Spain
If your electrical item has the solid type C plug, it may not fit into the type F socket, because the earth connectors will not allow it. This can depend on the exact design of the type F socket though. Type C plugs that have cut-outs for the earth connections will work fine.

Which electrical adaptor for Spain

A Multi-Country adaptor that has a type C connector will be perfect for Spain. The only important point to note is that the adaptor must have the plastic “extension” that allows it to fit in the recessed type F sockets.

Do I need a power converter

As mentioned earlier, if your electrical items operate at between 100V and 130V, then you may need a voltage converter. On the side of your equipment or in the manual, there should be information on suitable voltages for the item.

They design newer items to operate on multiple voltages, between 110V and 240V with no problems. There will be a statement such as “Input: 100—240V”, which means you can use the item anywhere in the world with a suitable plug adaptor.

If your item states a voltage requirement of anything other than 220V—240V, then you will need a voltage converter.

Summing up

Travel adaptors for Spain

Spain uses the type C (Europlug) and type F sockets, making it compatible with most European countries, except the UK, Malta, and Cyprus. Travelers with appliances not using a type C plug will need an adaptor, and items not designed for 240V will require a power adaptor.

The Sublime Ware Multi-Country adaptor includes a type C plug and will fit both types of socket, plus it provides four 5V USB connections, making it the perfect travel partner.
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