Travel adapter for Mexico

Travel adapter for Mexico

Travel adapter for Mexico

Mexico is a very popular country for visitors, ranking as the 8th most visited country in the world according to a report by the World Tourism Organization. If you are planning a trip, then you need to consider taking a travel adapter suitable for Mexico and also check your equipment voltage requirements.

Multi-country travel adapter

Do you know the voltage in Mexico? Are your devices compatible? Will you need a travel adapter?

Let’s have a look in more detail to answer those questions.

Electrical supply in Mexico

The electrical system in Mexico operates at a voltage of 127V and a frequency of 60Hz. This is common across the whole of the North American continent, but few other countries. If you are traveling from a country with a different voltage supply, then you will need to check your electrical items. More on this later.

Type A plug in Mexico

Although many countries operate their electrical supplies at 50Hz, this will have little effect on the operation of your electrical items, unless they contain timing devices. This is because they may use the electrical supply frequency to control the timing device.

Sockets and plugs in Mexico

Mexico has adopted the same plug and socket standard as the United States and Canada, so if you are traveling from these countries, you won’t need an adapter.

However, from almost any other country in the world, you will need to bring a travel adapter and also consider the voltage requirements.

Mexico uses type A and type B plugs and sockets. Type A is unearthed and uses 2 flat pins while type B also has a round- or U-shaped earth pin.

A type A plug will fit into a type B socket, but a type B plug will not fit a type A socket, because of the earth pin.

We should also note that both the plugs and sockets are polarized. This means that the live wire of the socket will connect with the live wire in the plug and the neutral wires will connect. To achieve polarization, one prong on the plug is slightly wider than the other and it matches the slots on the socket.

What adapter do you need

Most electrical equipment you are likely to use with a travel adapter will not require an earth connection. Items such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops only require a 2-pin connection.

Multi-country travel adapter for Mexico

The Sublime Multi-Country Adapter will convert from many types of plug to a fit both type A and type B sockets, making it a perfect traveling companion for your electronic gadgets.

Do you need a power converter

This all depends on your electrical item. Many newer items are dual voltage, which means they work with either 110-127V or 220-240V systems. To identify these items, look for a label that states something such as  “Input: 100 — 240V”. If you see that statement, then you don’t need a power converter.

If your item is labeled for an input voltage of 220-240V, then it may not be damaged by plugging it in briefly, but it may not work correctly, if at all. You will definitely need a power converter.

It is worth mentioning here that any items you can charge through a USB socket will work as normal. The Sublime Multi-Country Travel Adapter has 4 USB connectors, enabling you to charge all your gadgets at the same time. Perfect for traveling.

Multi-country travel adapter

In summary

Mexico uses the type A and type B plugs and sockets. Travelers from the North American continent will not need any adapter or converter, but travelers from most other countries will require a travel adapter.

The Multi-Country Travel Adapter is perfect, being compatible with both sockets and also offering 4 USB connections.

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