Travel Adapter for Italy

Travel Adapter for Italy

Travel adapter for Italy

When travelling, one thing to consider is how to charge all your electrical devices? The voltage, frequency and socket shapes vary from country to country. You will definitely need a travel adapter in Italy.

It would be a pain to have to change the plug every time you went to a different country. This is where adapters come in, making connecting your devices a simple process, without tools.

Europe, except the United Kingdom, has almost universally adopted the type C Europlug, but in the case of Italy the electrical sockets are a little different. While you will find type C sockets, the majority at the moment are type F or type L and just to add to the confusion there are 2 different types of type L socket!

So lets start

Voltage in Italy

The voltage in Italy is 230V, the same as the rest of Europe and close to the UK’s 240V. Electrical items designed to operate at 220V – 240V will work perfectly well in Italy. 

Frequency in Italy

In Italy, the electrical current operates at a frequency of 50 Hz, which is standard across Europe. Across the world, countries either use a frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz. Most electrical items will operate when connected to a supply with either frequency. Items that contain timers, either mechanical or electronic, may not operate correctly. 

Socket design in Italy

There are 2 electrical socket designs in use in Italy, type F and type L. Both types are compatible with type C plugs which are common across Europe, which means a Multi-Country adapter with a type C connection will be perfect for Italy. 

Type L electrical socket

One thing to note, is that there are 2 types of type L socket and plug. The 10 amp version will accept the type C plugs, but the 16 amp version will not as the pins are spaced slightly wider apart. 

There is a “bipasso” socket, commonly used across Italy, that accepts type C and both of the type L plugs. 

What adapter do you need

Both socket types in Italy will accept a type C plug, which means the Multi-Country adapter will be perfect. 

Multi country adapter with type C

Along with providing a connection for type C sockets, it also includes the plastic extension on the 2 prongs. This is important, because without it, the adapter will not fit into the recessed type F sockets. 

Do you need a power converter

You will only need a power converter if your item is not designed for 220 – 240V use. You can check on the side of the item for information. Somewhere there should be information on the voltage it will accept. 

If a voltage of somewhere between 220V and 240V is stated, the item is suitable from a voltage point of view. If the item only states 110V then it is not compatible and needs a power converter. 

Many newer electrical items are multi-voltage compatible. These items will have a label that states something like “Input: 100 – 240V”. This means that the electrical item can be used anywhere. 

In summary

Although Italy does use a specific socket type, the Europlug type C is generally compatible. This means that any adapter with a type C plug will be fine for Italy. 

The Multi-Country adapter includes a type C plug and can be used in both the 10 amp type L sockets and the type F recessed sockets used in Italy.

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