Travel adapter for Hong Kong

Travel adapter for Hong Kong

For many, a visit to Hong Kong is a once in a lifetime experience. A place on the bucket list and quite rightly so. To make the most of your trip most will take their smartphones, tablets and cameras to take pictures to treasure. But these devices need charging regularly, so a travel adapter is an essential item for your suitcase.

Travel adapters for multiple countries

Why you need a travel adapter

Hong Kong was under British rule for over 150 years, until 1997, so it will come as no surprise that the electrical system is heavily based on the British system. This means that type G plug and socket are being used, which are specific to just a few countries and not compatible with any other countries system. For most people traveling to Hong Kong, a travel adapter will be required

Socket and plug type

The type G plug and socket comprises three rectangular prongs, arranged in a triangle shape. The earth prong is slightly longer and wider than the other two prongs and is a specific safety feature of the type G plug. The plugs also incorporate a fuse, rated at either 3, 5 or 13 amps depending on the appliance.

Travel adapter for British plug

Type G sockets have shutters covering the live and neutral terminals and the earth prong is slightly longer so that it connects before the operating a lever to open the shutters. This prevents objects being pushed into the live terminals.

A travel adapter for British style sockets must be designed correctly to operate the lever safely and open the shutters, otherwise it will be difficult to insert into the socket. The SublimeWare multi-country travel adapter is designed to fit the type G sockets perfectly. 

Electrical system in Hong Kong

The other important aspect to consider when traveling to Hong Kong is the power supply. Is it different to your own country and if so are your appliances multi-voltage? 

As with the plug and socket, Hong Kong has adopted the same voltage range as the British for the power supply, which is 220V at 50Hz. If your country uses the same system or within the 220-240V range, then happy days, you just need a travel adapter and there is no need to worry about power conversion. 

If the power in your country is different, then there are two things to consider. First, are your devices multi-voltage? If so, then again you have nothing to worry about except bringing a travel adapter. Second, if your device is not multi-voltage, then do you really need to bring it with you? If you do, then you will need a power converter in addition to your travel adapter

To find out if your device is multi or dual voltage, check our handy guide to dual voltage appliances. 

The last thing to consider is the power supply frequency. Most devices will operate okay on a different frequency supply, but there is still a possibility of damage occurring. In addition, any device that includes timers that use the power supply frequency will probably not work correctly. 

Travel adapter for USB devices

Items such as your smartphone and tablet will charge via their USB, which completely removes the issue of power supplies. USB connections operate at 5V DC everywhere in the world, so it is a good idea to choose a travel adapter with USB sockets

Summing up

Hong Kong uses the type G plug and socket, which is only used in a few countries across the world and is not compatible with any other system. This means you are likely to need a travel adapter. 

The power supply in Hong Kong is 220V at 50 Hz, so if your country operates on a different voltage, it is important to check if your devices are multi-voltage

Items such as smartphones and tablets will charge perfectly well via their USB connections, but make sure you take a travel adapter with many USB connectors.

Multi country travel adapters

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