Travel adapter for France

Travel adapter for France


France is the most visited country in the world, and it is easy to understand why, with such a variety of culture, history, and countryside. Stretching from the English Channel, called la Manche in French, to the Mediterranean in the south and the Alps it is a beautiful country. Just remember to take your travel adapter to charge your mobile and camera batteries!

Travel adapter for all your devices

Plugs and sockets in France

France has adopted the standard plug for Europe, known as the Europlug, and categorized as type C. The Europlug is for non-earthed equipment, so they also use an additional type E plug where an earth connection is required.

Type C plug used in France

In most cases, when you are traveling, you will only need a non-earthed connection, which is the type of connection provided by most adapters.

Electrical system voltage in France

The voltage in France is officially 230V, but with an acceptable variance, it can be between 220V and 240V. Items designed to operate on voltages between 220V and 240V will be fine in France.

Electrical system frequency in France

The electrical system in France operates at a frequency of 50Hz, which is common across the rest of Europe. Items designed to operate at 60Hz will function, but it may affect anything that contains timing circuits.

Do you need a travel adapter

If you live in Europe, many of your items will have the type C plug fitted, in which case you won't need an adapter. Many countries in South America and Asia also use type C but not always exclusively.

For anyone with items that use a plug type other than type C, you will need a travel adapter to connect to the French electrical system.

A travel adapter is an essential item to pack these days. We rely so much on technology and not being able to charge your mobile, tablet, camera battery or laptop would seriously put a dampener on your vacation!

Is a power converter needed

There are 2 voltage bands in the world. Those countries that use between 100V and 127V, and those countries that use between 220V and 240V. As France uses the higher voltage range, it is important to check whether your electrical device will require a power converter.

Anything that is designed for just the lower voltage range cannot be used in France without a power converter. If you try it, at the very least it will damage your item and at worst it could be lethal.

So how can you tell if your item is suitable for France?

On the item itself or in the manual, you will find a label that tells you the acceptable voltages. It will read something like “Input: xxxV–xxxV”. If it says 100V–127V, then your item will need a power converter.

They manufacture many modern electrical items to operate on multiple voltages. In this case, the label will say something like “Input: 100V–240V”. If you see this, then you can safely use your device in France.

Charge your devices with a travel adapter


Traveling to France will be an exciting time. It’s such a beautiful country with so much to see, you’ll want to capture it all on your camera. So make sure you can charge your batteries by taking a travel adapter with you and make sure it offers multiple USB adapters.

The Sublimeware Multi-Country Travel Adapter can convert from multiple countries plugs to the French type C plug and also offers 4 USB connections. Perfect for your trip to France. 

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