Travel adapter for Dubai

Travel adapter for Dubai


Part of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has become one of the ultra-modern cities in the world and a huge trade center. It’s popular with tourists and businessmen alike, and being a hi-tech cent re, taking your electronic devices is essential.

And so is a travel adapter to charge them.

Multi Country travel adapter

Plugs and sockets in Dubai

Dubai is one of the small number of countries that have adopted the type G plug and socket system that was developed in the United Kingdom. This is a specific type that has no similar or compatible types of plug.

Type G plug in Dubai

This means that if you are traveling to Dubai from any country that doesn’t use the type G plug, you will need an adapter.

Travel adapters to convert to the British type G socket are readily available and work with most plug types around the world.

Voltage in Dubai

In common with the British plug type, Dubai has also adopted the same voltage as the United Kingdom, of 240V. Many countries worldwide use this voltage, so there is a good chance it’s the same as yours. However, if you live in a country where the voltage is between 100V and 127V, then you will need to check if your item is compatible.

Frequency in Dubai

Dubai’s electrical system operates at 50Hz, the same as the United Kingdom. If your home power supply uses this frequency, then you don’t have a problem. However, many countries use a frequency of 60 Hz.

While a different frequency shouldn’t damage your items, anything that contains an electronic clock may not work correctly.

Do I need a power converter

As we mentioned above, the electrical supply in Dubai operates at a voltage of 240V. If your item is designed for that voltage, then all is good. However, if your home country voltage is not in the 220-240V range, then you may have a problem.

To check, either look at the device itself or check the manual. If the input voltage says 100V, 120V or 127V only then it is not compatible. Plugging your device into the electrical system in Dubai without a power converter will have potentially catastrophic effects and could also be extremely dangerous.

Travel adapter with USB connectionsIf all your items are rechargeable via a USB connection, then you don’t need a power converter, just a travel adapter that has several USB sockets, such as the Sublime Multi-Country Travel Adapter.

They design many modern devices to operate on multiple voltages now. To check yours, look for a statement saying something like “Input: 100V to 240V” or similar. If you see that, your item will work perfectly normally anywhere in the world, except for frequency dependent items as mentioned earlier.


Traveling to Dubai with electrical items will probably mean you need to take a travel adapter to be able to charge their batteries or operate them.

Travel the world with your devices

The Dubai electrical system operates at 240V, so it is vitally important to make sure your items can accept that voltage. Plugging a 127V item into 240V will be disastrous.

As many products now operate via USB connections, make sure your travel adapter offers several standard 5V USB sockets.

Take a look at the Sublimeware Multi-Country Travel Adapter, which converts many plugs to the Dubai type sockets and offers 4 USB connections.

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