Travel Adapter for China

Travel adapter for China

Tourism to China attracts millions of visitors each year and to make the most of your trip it’s important to do some planning first. One important item to consider is how to charge all your devices while in China.

Travel adapter for China

There are 3 common types of plug and socket in China, types A, C and I. It is essential that any plug adapter you take can work with all 3 types of socket. You will often find the socket will accept all 3 types of plug.

Electrical voltage in China

The electricity supply in China works at a voltage of 220V. Make sure that your electrical item is compatible. Items designed to work on voltages between 220V and 240V will be fine, but if your item states voltage input of 100v–130V, then it is not compatible. Here you will need a power converter and a plug adapter.

Electrical frequency in China

China’s electrical system works on a frequency of 50Hz. In most cases, electrical devices you are taking with you on holiday will work fine. If your item is designed for 60Hz and contains a timing device, then that may not work correctly. 

Socket design in China

As mentioned, China has 3 socket and plug designs in common use. Luckily, they generally combine all three socket types into one socket.

Electrical socket in China

The type A socket is the same as that used in North America, the type C socket is used all over mainland Europe and the type I socket is used in Australia, among other countries


What electrical adapter for China

Since China generally has 3 different types of electrical socket, you may find one suitable for your plug. However, this may not always be the case and a good backup plan is to have a Multi-Count plug adapter with you just in case. 

One other advantage of the Sublime Ware power adapter is that it offers 4 USB sockets, allowing you to charge all of your small devices, such as a smartphone and tablet at the same time. 

Do I need a power converter for China

China’s electrical system operates at a voltage of 220V and if your item is not designed to work at that voltage, you will need a power converter in addition to a plug adapter. 

It’s fairly easy to check, either by looking on the side or back of your device or consulting the manual. Modern devices are often dual voltage compatible and will include a sentence such as “Input: 110v – 240V”. If your device has this, it will work in China. 

If your item shows voltage input as 110V–130V then you will need a power converter in addition to a plug adapter. 

Summing up

China is a popular travel destination and tourism is growing rapidly. If you intend to visit, then a little planning will go a long way to make your trip more enjoyable.  

Not being able to charge your smartphone or tablet would be frustrating, to say the least, so taking a Sublime Ware Multi-Country travel adapter really makes sense. 

Just remember you may also need a power converter if your home country voltage is between 110V and 130V.

Safe and happy travels!


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