Travel Adapter for Australia

Travel Adapter for Australia

Travel adapter for Australia

Travelling to Australia is a dream trip for many people, but don’t forget your travel adapter in all the excitement!

A travel adapter for charging your electronic devices

Arriving in Australia, wanting to post all your fab pictures on Facebook only to find your battery is flat would be very disappointing to say the least. The solution is simple though. Get a travel adapter that converts your existing plug so that it fits the Australian sockets.

But first, you need to know a little about the electricity system in Australia.

Electrical sockets and plugs in Australia

There is just one socket and plug type in Australia, which makes life very simple! All across the country, you will find type I sockets.

Australian type I socketThe type I plug has 2 flat pins in a V shape, plus a vertical, flat, grounding pin. There are no other plugs compatible with socket I, so a travel adapter is essential.

Electrical voltage and frequency in Australia

The voltage in Australia is 230V with a frequency of 50Hz. This makes life simple for anyone from countries with the same or similar voltages in the range 220V – 240V. You just need to be aware of the frequency and if it is different, some appliances with built in timers may not work correctly.

If your home country voltage is in the 100V – 127V range, then you need to check your electrical items.

Modern electrical equipment is often multi-voltage and can accept anything from 100V – 240V. It is easy to check this. Either on the side of your item will be a label saying something similar to “Input : 100V – 240V” or it will be in your manual. In either case, this item is safe to use all over the world.

If the equipment is 100V – 127V only, then you will need a power converter as well as a travel adapter.

Do you need a travel adapter in Australia

You will need a travel adapter for visiting Australia, if your home country does not use type I plugs and sockets. This type of plug and socket is common across Australasia, so will be useful if you are also visiting New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Fiji etc as well.

The only alternative is to replace the plugs on your items, which is okay if you are moving to Australia permanently, but a waste of time if not!

Do you need a power converter in Australia

A power converter allows you to use devices designed for a different voltage to the supply voltage available. For items designed to operate at 110V for example, plugging them into a 240V supply is going to have catastrophic results!

If you really need that item, then a power adapter is the only way, along with a travel adapter to enable you to plug it in.

Luckily, most of our electronic devices are suitable to charge via USB sockets, and with a good travel adapter, you won’t need a power converter for this. Quality travel adapters will provide multiple USB connections, supplying the 5V DC voltage required.

Summing up

Assess the type of electrical items you are going to need. Are they compatible with multiple voltages? Do you only have electronics that can be charged via USB connectors?







If you really must bring your favourite item, that only operate on 110V, then you will need to purchase a power adapter, in addition to your travel adapter.


If so, then you just need an adapter like the SublimeWare Multi-Country Travel Adapter.

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