Travel Adapter for Argentina

Travel Adapter for Argentina

Do you need a travel adapter for Argentina?

Argentina had a huge influx of European settlers and the first Spanish navigators arrived in 1516. Spanish is the national language and among other European influences, you’ll notice that the electrical system is similar. 

The voltage is close to that used in many European countries and the European Type C plug and socket system is used in addition to the Type I plug and socket.

Don’t forget to pack a USB travel adapter in your hand luggage when visiting Argentina. The Sublime Ware USB Multi-Country Travel Adapter is perfect, with four USB connectors, so you can charge all your devices at the same time as using your laptop for example. 

Voltage in Argentina 

The voltage in Argentina is 220V, similar to most European countries that operate at 230V, which means that European appliances can operate in Argentina with no problems and no need for a voltage converter.  

If you are visiting from a country that uses voltages in the 100-127 range, then you will need to check if your item is multi-voltage compatible. Read our article on dual and multi-voltage devices to check yours. If not, then you’ll need a voltage converter to avoid damaging your appliance. 

Frequency in Argentina 

The frequency of the electrical supply is not normally an issue with modern devices, although if the frequency is used for built-in timing devices it may run at the wrong speed. In Argentina, the frequency is 50 Hz, again, the same as most European countries. 

Travel adapter for Argentina

Socket design in Argentina 

As mentioned, the Type C plug and socket are used in Argentina, but as this is an unearthed design, another plug type is also used, the Type I, for grounded appliances. The two plug types are very different and not compatible. 

Type C is the Europlug standard, with two round pins, while the Type I plug has three flat pins. With two incompatible socket designs, it’s imperative that you chose a travel adapter that can convert to both types. The Sublime ware range of Multi-Country Travel Adapters will work with both Type C and Type I plugs and sockets. 

Do you need a power converter? 

As mentioned earlier, the voltage in Argentina is 220V at 50Hz. This means that if the voltage in your home country is in the 110-127V range, then you may need a power converter.  

Many devices are now multi-voltage compatible and it is generally easier to check. Use our dual- and multi-voltage device article to check yours. Plugging a device designed for the 110-127V range only will result in damage that may be unrepairable.  

The voltage issue does not apply if you have items that can plugin using a USB cable. In this case, the voltage from your travel adapters USB connections will always be the standard 5V DC regardless of where you are in the world. 

To summarise 

Argentina uses the higher voltage range of 220V at 50Hz, so it is very important to make sure your devices are compatible before connecting them. If you are traveling from European countries, then your device should be suitable for 220V, but if not, you may need a power converter. USB devices are perfectly safe to charge via your travel adapter, as the voltage is the same from your travel adapter where ever you are in the world. 

The Sublime Ware Multi-Country Travel Adapter is the perfect companion in Argentina, as it can convert to both socket types, and also has four USB connectors for charging your smartphone, tablet and camera batteries. The travel adapter is also small enough and light enough to fit in your hand luggage. 

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