Top tips when visiting Dubai

Top tips when visiting Dubai

Top tips when visiting Dubai

The city of Dubai is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and has become synonymous with wealth and extravagance. Dubai is one of the seven emirates making up the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the business hub of the Middle East.

Dubai skyline

The economy was originally based on oil, but with stocks running low, the country has quickly turned to other businesses streams, such as financial services, tourism and real estate. Projects such as the Palm Jumeirah, the Burj Khalifa, and the Burj Al Arab have become iconic symbols of the city.

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Of course, the skyscrapers and magnificent hotels are just the modern side of Dubai. The old Dubai still exists and it’s worth searching it out. With so much to see, don’t forget to pack your USB travel adapter to keep all your phones and cameras charged up.

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Visa requirement

A small number of countries do not require advance visa’s to enter the UAE, including the USA, UK, Australia, Ireland, Russia and New Zealand. In those case, you are granted a 30-day visa on entry, which can be extended if required. If you don’t qualify, you will need to apply in advance for one of the visitors or work visas.

Careful in the heat

So basics first, it can be incredibly hot! Summer temperatures can easily reach 550C, making even the simplest task like walking outside difficult. Take a taxi, stay in the shade and try to keep cool! Of course, wherever you go it is air-conditioned, but that just means when you come inside covered in sweat, you then shiver. Can’t win! The best advice is to go during the winter period, from November to March.

 Local Dubai culture

The UAE is a Muslim country, so some local cultural tips;

  • Don’t kiss in public, it’s frowned upon and could get you into serious trouble. Whenever you are somewhere public, including taxis, nightclubs and hotels, just don’t do it.

  • Covering up is not required, which is a surprise considering the kissing issue. There’s no problem wearing shorts, t-shirts and skirts are all fine. You’ll need to cover up when inside, just to keep warm, because of the air-conditioning!

  • Alcohol is legal, but only in certain places such as hotels, bars and restaurants. Oh, and don’t get too drunk, unless you want a one-way chat with a police officer. Again, it’s frowned upon.

  • Other than that, treat people with respect and you won’t get into any trouble.

Dubai Souks

Dubai Souks A visit to the souks should be on your list of to do’s. Traders from all over the Middle East are here trying to flog you anything from cheap trinkets to gold. You’ll find the souks along the Dubai Creek, the heart of the old city. The gold souk is definitely worth a visit even if you aren’t buying just to look at the spectacular displays. If you are buying, remember to haggle! Other souks specialise in perfume, spices and textiles.

Places to visit in Dubai

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As the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa is definitely worth a visit, even if only to say you’ve been! Opened in 2010, the skyscraper peaks out at 828m, the design is based around Hymenocallis desert flower. There are two observation towers, one spanning the 124tha dn125th floors, and another on the 148th floor at 555m high.

Billed as the only 7-star hotel in the world, although not actually by the owners, the Burj Al Arab is one of the most iconic buildings in Dubai. Built to look like a sail, on a triangle of reclaimed land accessed by a bridge, the Burj Al Arab is certainly one of a kind, with prices to match.

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