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Travel adapter or converter

Posted by Martin Parker on

It's important to understand the difference between a travel adapter and a power converter.

Not knowing the difference could mean serious damage to your device.

Read our short guide on the difference.

Travel adapter for Switzerland

Posted by Martin Parker on

Traveling the world is one of lives great adventures, and when there are countries as beautiful as Switzerland you shouldn't need much encouragement. Just remember to take your travel adapter!

Switzerland uses a plug type common across Europe, so make sure your travel adapter provides type C connections and multiple USB connections.

Travel adapter for Dubai

Posted by Martin Parker on

Traveling to Dubai? Then check if you need a travel adapter. 

Dubai uses the type G plug and socket, the same as the United Kingdom. You'll also need to consider the electrical voltage and frequency in the UAE.

Check our useful guide to travel adapters for Dubai.

Travel adapter for Mexico

Posted by Martin Parker on

Mexico is one of the worlds most popular destinations, and if you are traveling from outside the North American continent, you will most likely need a travel adapter.

The Sublimeware Multi-Country Travel Adapter is the perfect companion for your trip.

Adapter for European plugs

Posted by Martin Parker on