Going to Spain? Remember to pack a travel adapter

Going to Spain? Remember to pack a travel adapter

Spain, the home of tapas and sangria, but so much more. Famed for its endless beaches and sunshine, it has so much more to offer. Just don’t forget your travel adapter when you visit Spain!

Paella, the flavour of Spain

If you’re looking for culture, then cities such as Madrid, Seville and Barcelona spring to mind. Skiing? Yes, Spain has many ski resorts, some in mountainous Sierra Nevada on the south coast, and many more in the Pyrenees Mountains on the border with France. Food? Well of course there is Paella, but also cured ham, olives and oceans of seafood!

So why do you need a travel adapter in Spain? To charge your smartphone, tablet and camera batteries of course and make sure you keep memories of beautiful Spain for the rest of your life. Take a look at the Visit Spain official tourist website for more information.

Getting to Spain – Travel adapter in your hand luggage!

Spain is well served by both international and regional airlines. Within Europe, there are numerous budget airlines that serve all the major cities, to make moving around European countries cheap and easy. Use flight checkers such as Expedia and Skyscanner to get the best deals. Keeping your travel adapter handy on long flights means you can charge your devices in the terminals, just make sure you pick a small, light multi country travel adapter.

Travel adapter for SpainOnce in Spain, public transport such as buses and trains serve all the major towns and cities very well, but to explore the interior and less touristy destinations, a car is advisable. High-speed train services with onboard WiFi and charging sockets are available, so keep your travel adapter handy.

Socket and plug in Spain

In common with most of Europe, Spain uses the type C plug for non earthed appliances. This plug has two round prongs which all multi country travel adapters should fit. The earthed plug is type F, which has the same two round pins, but earthing strips on the top and bottom of the plug. Type C plugs will fit into type F sockets.

Type C plug in SpainType F plug in Spain

Electricity supply in Spain

We know, it’s not the first or most exciting thing you think about when planning a trip to Spain, but it’s important. Depending on where you are traveling from, you may need a travel adapter and possibly a power converter. Plugging your expensive device into the wrong power supply could be very costly and not a good start to your holiday!

Spain uses a voltage in the 220V-240V range at 50Hz, which is used all over Europe. If you are traveling from one of the many countries that use a voltage in the 100V-127V range such as the USA, then plugging your device into the socket in Spain could be catastrophic and possibly dangerous. So yes, it is important to get it right!

Not all devices are made equal

Many modern devices are capable of operating correctly over the full range of voltages available in the world that is from 100V to 240V. Some devices will have a switch while others automatically adapt. If you have one of these devices, then all you need when visiting Spain is a multi country travel adapter.

Travel adapter for multiple countriesIf your device only works in the 100V-127V range, then you will also need a power converter, so it may make more sense to leave the item at home.

Our previous blog on dual voltage devices can help you find out if your device will work with multiple voltages.

USB charging with a travel adapter

One exception to the voltage issue is USB connections. These always operate at 5V DC wherever in the world you are. For this reason, it really makes sense if you only take USB chargeable devices with you when you travel. It means you can’t accidentally damage your item and you only need to bring a travel adapter that has multiple USB connections to charge all your devices at the same time.

Travel adapter to charge multiple devices

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