Best travel adapters

Best travel adapters

Best travel adapters

Who doesn’t like to travel? Okay, maybe the check-in and security at the airport isn’t that great, but arriving at a new destination to explore is exciting, right?

Worldwide travel adapter

But arriving and then finding your smartphone battery is dead and your charger has the wrong plug would be annoying. That’s why researching and getting the best travel adapter is an important step before traveling.

There are a few important things to consider when looking for an adapter. The cheapest option is usually the single type adapter, converting between the plug on your equipment to socket type at your destination. This works perfectly well, but as there are around 15 different plug and socket combinations, you will need a different adapter for different countries.

A better idea is the multi-country travel adapter, that you can use across the world in most if not all countries. The Sublime Multi-Country Travel Adapter is a great alternative.

However, there are a few other things to consider;

Electrical voltage

There are 2 distinct voltage ranges across the world. In Europe, Africa, the Far East and most of South America, the voltage is in the range 220-240V. In North America, Central America, parts of South America and a few other countries all use a voltage in the range 110-127V. One country, Japan, uses a voltage of 100V.

If the voltage in your country is different from the voltage of the country you are visiting, then you will need to check your electrical devices. Some devices are designed to operate normally on voltages between 100-240V. On the item or in the manual will be a statement like “Input: 100-240V”. These items can be used safely anywhere in the world.

Multi-country travel adapter

If the input voltage for your item is different to the that of the country you are visiting, then you will also need a power converter along with a travel adapter.

Electrical items that charge via a USB socket can be charged anywhere in the world as the USB voltage is always 5V DC from your travel adapter. This is one thing to look out for on any travel adapter – the number of USB sockets it provides.

Electrical frequency

Different country's electricity supply use different frequencies, either 50Hz or 60Hz. For most equipment, the frequency won’t make a difference, but if they contain timing or clock devices, then these probably won’t work correctly.

Do you need a power converter and a travel adapter

As mentioned above, if your equipment operates at a different voltage to that of the country you are visiting, then along with a travel adapter, you will also need a power converter. The only exception to this is with USB charging items.

USB items can be charged from a suitable travel adapter perfectly safely as the travel adapter will provide the required 5V DC.

Travel adapter

Final thoughts

First, if you are only taking items such as a smartphone and tablet, that charge through a USB socket, then all you need is a travel adapter to convert between the plug and socket type.

Second, if you are taking items that need mains voltage, double check the voltage they will accept. Many modern items will work perfectly well on any worldwide voltage, so again, all you need is a travel adapter.

Last, if your item operates on a different voltage to the one provided in the country you are visiting, then either buy a power converter or leave the item at home. Plugging a 110V electrical appliance into a 240V supply could have a catastrophic effect on the item and potentially be extremely dangerous.

The Sublime Ware travel adapter offers 4 USB sockets, making it perfect for traveling and charging all your batteries.

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