Best travel adapter for MacBooks

Best travel adapter for MacBooks

Best travel adapter for MacBooks

Traveling and taking your MacBook with you? Then you must make sure you pack a travel adapter as well.

MacBook travel adapter

Arriving at your destination with no way of charging your laptop battery is not a great start for a successful trip whether it is for business or pleasure. 

What do you need to consider when choosing a travel adapter? 

First, which countries are you visiting?

There are around 14 different plug and socket combinations in use across the globe, so it’s important to know which plug type you will need. You could buy a single adapter for the country you are visiting, but more convenient are the multi-country travel adapters.

 A multi-country adapter, such as the SublimeWare Multi-Country Travel Adapter, allows you to connect to many different types of socket and covers a large range of countries. It’s also a convenient size and saves space in your luggage. 

Voltage and frequency

Along with the correct plug type, you must consider the electrical system voltage and frequency of the country you are visiting. 

For example, MacBooks sold in the USA were normally supplied with a battery charger that is designed for a single voltage. In the case of the USA, it is 120V at 60Hz. This causes a problem if you are traveling to one of the many countries that supply electricity in the 220V to 240V range.

In this case, trying to use your charger in the UK for example, would damage your charger and could potentially be very dangerous. When the voltage is different, you will need a power converter in addition to a travel adapter. 

The issue with the frequency is a little more subtle. Using the UK as an example again, they supply electricity with a frequency of 50Hz. In most cases, plugging in a device designed for 60Hz into a 50Hz supply won’t be a problem, providing the voltage is okay. However, it may cause a problem with internal timing systems that rely on the frequency. 

Which travel adapter for your MacBook

Assuming you have a multi-voltage charger for your MacBook or a power converter, then you will just need a travel adapter when you visit different countries.

Travel adapter with USB connections

There are many on the market, but it really makes sense to purchase a travel adapter that can be used in as many countries as possible. 

The SublimeWare Multi-Country travel adapter will let you safely charge your device in many countries worldwide. It also includes 4 USB connectors, which allow you to charge your smartphone, tablet and other devices at the same time.

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