7 Best Travel Adapters For India

7 Best Travel Adapters For India

7 Best Travel Adapters For India

If you want to travel to India, there are four main electrical components  you have to account for. This includes the current, voltage, frequency, and the socket shape. Socket shapes vary from country to another. For this reason, a travel plug for India enables travelers to plug their appliance on the wall outlets of India.


In fact, India has three types of electric plugs, type C, D, and M. In addition, it uses a potential of 230V, a frequency of 50 Hz, and an alternating current (AC) source. In our postmodern world, fitting into outlets of India has been made easy through universal adapters for India.


Smart Gadgets Fix Compatibility Issues


Studies reveal that traveling can help improve your problem-solving skills. However, traveling is also a sure way to land you into problems. Imagine you visited another country, only to find that their socket configuration is different. As can be seen, you won’t charge any appliance you have, unless you get the right travel adapter.


A travel plug for India should be among essential items to include in your packing list.


India Travel Adapters You Should Be Using


Note that all these travel adapters have 4 USB charging ports. Their universal nature satisfies your electrical needs beyond India. The travel plug for india will allow you to charge several devices at a time, without worrying about unexpected spikes. Here are the 7 best travel adapters for India.

  1. JY-304 White-Silver | 4 USB Ports Supporting India


This India travel adapter covers voltage between 110v-240v. With over 80% of 5 star reviews, we guarantee that this travel adapter will satisfy your needs in India. It is versatile, and durable.

Its 4 USB ports enables you to maximize on one electric outlet, to charge 4 devices at once, saving time.


  1. JY-304 Sand-Blue | Affordable Adapter Supporting India

The elegant sand blue travel adapter is an ideal universal adapter for India. Its ability to step down the voltage to 110v ensures that your appliances and devices are safe. It supports A/C configuration. This way, you can be confident that your A/C devices will charge when you travel to India.

  1. JY-304 Sand-Grey | Portable India Travel Adapter

In addition to having 4 USB smart ports, the sand grey travel plug for India has a pin-locking mechanism. The sliding pins unlock securely, making the adapter last long. With over 90% of positive reviews on Amazon, it is evident that this adapter is widely accepted. Two of the four USB ports are smart ports. You will not have problems charging all 4 devices at once.


  1. JY-304 Sand-BlackGrey | Reliable Adapter

In reality, flowing electric current produces quantities of heat. For this reason, this India travel adapter is made up of high quality materials, that resist high temperatures. It is common to see electronic gadgets explode. But with a proven step-down converter, there will be little overheating that leads to burning.

  1. JY-304 Rose-Gold | Unique Universal Adapter For India

This India travel adapter has an easy to use sliding mechanism. Are you looking for a travel adapter that does not overheat? You may consider this option. With its accurate design, the adapter does not sag when put into walls. The travel adapter is just elegant and proven to work with the A/C Indian configuration.

  1. JY-166C Black | Charges Your Devices In Style With USB Type C

This fused travel plug for India has one type C USB charging port. The 3.0 A type C port matches the power intake of compatible devices. Supported devices include Nintendo Switch Google Pixel, Lumia 950 XL, Macbooks, and Samsung Galaxy S8.


  1. JY-305 Plus | With One Type C USB Port, Use It Anywhere In India


You can now charge simultaneous objects with ease. This India travel adapter is affordable. Most buyers gave it a positive rating, meaning that it works as described. You can find new models of this travel adapter on Amazon.

All products have a 30-day return guarantee. You can find more information about the guarantee and free shipping on sublimeware.com, a leading travel accessories company.


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